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Hi, I’m bringing a BIG CHANGE to this little personal blog. This may break things!

If you have observed some breakages so far, inform me (email, twitter, gitter, wherever you can find me) and I’ll fix them. One exception is that I (probably) won’t fix old Chinese blogs and the pages with this sentence at the beginning:

Warning: this page is probably deprecated.

What’s more: the pages with that sentence may be deleted in the recent future.

The change

Since long ago I have each of my blog’s URL like this:[year]/[month]/[day]/[blog-name]/index.html

This produces really a huge file tree in the build directory of my blog,

I’ll change the URL style into:[year]/[month]-[day]-[blog-name].html

This is a lot less directories (one directory per year).

Plus, a lot of standalone pages, they have URLs like:[something]/index.html

which is a lot lot of directories!

The contents are also stale (it’s really a shame looking at those things), so I think it’s time to say byebye to those old bad pages.

Those blogs may get deleted, kept (for those serious pages, such as my opensource contributions), or changed to this URL style:[something].html

That’s it!

Some other plans

I may delete more friend-links, especially those who are all about environments, business, web, JavaScript, Python, basic intros, etc. The standard will be more critical if your site is not English.

If the site is down, it’s definitely deleted.

If you write about PL, ML, Compilers, Security, mysterious language features, Graphics, and more (totally depends on my personal preference), your link should survive.

Redirected links are updated. For some broken links, I’ve tried to find if they are moved to another place, but seems not.

Keep evolving.

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